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Vallarta Adventures' world-class dolphin center, Dolphin Adventure, is the premier place to swim with dolphins in Vallarta. Dolphin Adventure overlooks the beautiful Nuevo Vallarta marina and provides the most interactive programs available - there is no better place in Vallarta to experience swimming with dolphins and sea lions. Dolphin Adventure offers a selection of spectacular dolphin and sea lion swim programs in Vallarta. From our innovative underwater program, Dolphin Extreme, to fun and educational programs for families to a hilarious swim with our wacky sea lions, you are sure to create magical memories for you and your family that will last forever. We invite you to join us for this experience of a lifetime.


Take a journey into the intriguing world of the dolphin through an amazing face-to-face encounter in which you can touch, feed, play, learn and swim with dolphins. Our Signature Swim offers the smallest group size available anywhere.

Dolphins in PoolDolphin Extreme Swim

Before jumping in the pool, our staff will begin a short interactive briefing introducing you to the fascinating world of dolphins. We'll show you how to use special hand signals and positive reinforcement to communicate with them one-on-one.

Dolphin HugDolphin Swim Experience

Feel a magnetic bond that will last a lifetime. Everyone dreams of swimming with dolphins, this program provides your chance to chat, cuddle, play and swim with these charming and gentle



Dolphin Encounter

Learn all about the world of the Pacific Bottlenose dolphin from the best possible teachers - the dolphins themselves. This program is an ideal introduction to the anatomy, physiology and history of the ocean's most inspiring mammals.

Dolphin Kids

This program is designed specifically for young kids aged 4 to 8, so they can interact and get closer to dolphins than they ever dreamed possible.

Trainer for a day

A life changing experience. If you love dolphins, or have ever thought about being a dolphin trainer, the adventure of a lifetime awaits you in Puerto Vallarta Mexico as you spend an exciting day working beside our dolphin trainers.

Private Dolphin Swims for a Family

Create a magical family memory during your Puerto Vallarta holiday by creating a custom dolphin swim program exclusively for you and your family.

Private Dolphins Swims for Couples

Puerto Vallarta's only couple-only dolphin swim program! Since this program is private, you get to choose your activities and design an encounter tailored to your wishes.


Start the day with a dolphin program and experience the magical bond created when interacting with dolphins. Then head to our private beach, Las Caletas, and enjoy a day of activities or relaxation and a buffet feast.

Sea Lion Encounter

Designed to be both educational and fun, this program begins with a short poolside introduction to the sea lions' unique physiology, feeding habits and behaviors. Get nose-to-nose with our sea lions in our specially designed educational pool.

Special Needs Program

Our main goal is to provide a therapeutic, recreational environment that focuses on the emotional and physical well being of the participant and their family members.